FAQ – Frequently asked questions

Answers to frequently asked questions on ski rental

When and where do I pay the ski hire?
Payment is due upon pick up of the equipment in our ski rental in Selva.

When is the equipment ready for pick up?
The equipment can be picked up the evening before, or on the same day.

Do you have a storage place where I can keep the hired skis or equipment for the next day?
Yes, you can keep your skis an equipment in our ski depot in the center of Selva. The ski room is open during normal business hours.

Will i recive 10% discount even if i don’t book online?
No, the disconunt is provided only for online bookings.

Why should I hire skis at the Ski Sport Walter?
Sport Walter offers you high quality ski and equipment for your ski holiday. The equipment is always well prepared and our experienced team will be able to advise you professionally.

How many days ind advance should i book the skies?
Usually we are able to manage orders in a very short time, so you can make the booking even the same day.