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Rent here your Transition Bike - 17.07.2019

Patrol 27,5' and Sentinel 29' for rent

1/2 day (3pm to 7pm) 35 € ---------- € 1 day. 50 €. ----------2 days 95 €. --------3 days. 135 €. ---------4 days 170 € ------5 days 200 €. --------6 days. 225 €. ---------+1 day 20 €

Fanticrent - 23.06.2019

Rent here your Fanticbike

Fantic XF1 Integra 160.XF1 Integra 160 mm is a enduro e-mtb with top personality that allows pedaling on any terrain and challenging trails, both up and downhill. The 29“ front and 27.5” Plus rear wheels setup guarantees precision and safety.Fantic’s XF1 Integra is the ultimate combination of sport and technical development in the e-mtb market. Fantic’s engineers innovative design made it possible to create a solid and responsive frame.Rear suspension progression, reinforced chainstay, double bearing, single pivot and exclusive cantilever guarantee maximum grip, better handling and more mileage.Both Integra versions are equipped with the new BROSE DRIVE S engine, designed for the most demanding and sporty bikers, with a 15% higher torque in the pedal frequency ranging from 60 to 90 rpm, ensuring a maximum torque of 90 Nm.

Secial offer 2500 € - 23.06.2019

Intense Tracer carbon

New Intense Tracer in size M foundation build in special offer. A full carbon enduro bike. Come in and check it out or call for more info.